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About Us

Hey There!  I'm Amy and these are my people!  Mr. B and I have been married for 17 years, lived on three different continents and created a small gang of miniature us' along the way. 



Currently based in Yuma, Arizona


I love Jesus, my husband, my six kids, my family, traveling, homeschooling, experiencing new cultures, and turning strangers into friends. There has been a camera in my hand for the last 25 years and I will never stop learning!


I am a big fan of adventures, story telling, wild critters, laughing, hiking, journalling, and breaking bread with people I love. 


My mission and gifting is story-telling, both in word and image.  I fall in love with my clients and what brought them to where they are, here and now: the backgrounds, the details, plot twists, the drama...I want to learn everything about you!  My wish is to capture all of your story, celebrate the amazing lives you have lived through my photography so I can read your story back to you and remind you of how amazing your one wild and beautiful life is.


Be warned, there will be laughter, sarcasm and tv/movie quotes.  I promise to be all hopped up on chocolate + diet coke so you can bet your coordinating outfits that there will be dad jokes. 

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